eBay Trading Assistant

Do you have something you want to sell on eBay but don't have the time? Let us use our established seller account and experience from several eBay University Courses and eBay selling transactions to do it for you!  For more information, read on....

Service description
Our specialty is getting maximum value by evaluating items and providing excellent descriptions and listing cycles. We provide high impact listings for those items that really matter. We are highly experienced in dealing with house wares, tabletop gifts, CDs, DVDs, and other collectibles. We take care of it all for you: photographing the item, listing the item, answering bidder questions, collecting payments, packaging, shipping and sending you the money! All items will be reviewed for suitability and salability prior to acceptance.
Working with us is easy and our fees are simple. We charge a reasonable flat rate commission of 50% on the final value plus a non-refundable $5.00 set up fee per item. Once the item sells, we will take a flat commission of 50% of the sale. Shipping and handling fees will be passed onto the purchaser and these fees are not counted in the sales price.
Terms and Conditions

We will inspect your inventory and upon determining it is saleable, we will work with you to establish a selling plan. We will both sign a contract once we've agreed on terms and conditions, at which point we will compile a detailed inventory list and will take the items on consignment to sell on eBay. The items will be stored at our facility until they sell; any unsold items will be returned to you. We will handle all aspects of listing and closing an auction, which includes: presale research, digital photos, item description, responding to bidder questions, buyer communications, payment collection, item packing and shipping. We will pay for shipping materials and eBay fees.

Consignor will receive payment of winning bid, less the commission and set up fee. We will only accept "no-reserve" items. Each auction will usually last 3-5 days. The buyer has 5 days to send payment. We try to ship within 48 hours of receiving payment. Depending on the item, delivery can take a week or more. Once the buyer acknowledges receipt of item and satisfaction, you will be paid for your item(s). Note that this process will take 2 weeks assuming there are no problems with the buyer.

If your item does not sell, it will be relisted once. If it doesn’t sell again, you can pick it back up within 7 days of auction end. We need to have the items in our possession, so that we can answer questions & guarantee that the item is available. Buyers on eBay really need to know all the specifics of any item you are selling. The more you can tell us about your item, the more successful we'll be in selling it for you. Please be sure to tell us about any damage or aspects of your item that would make it less appealing to buyers (honesty goes a long way on eBay).