eBay Educational Specialist

I offer hands-on eBay training!

There's no better way to learn than by listing items on eBay and using the tools live!

I offer customized, hands-on training to fit your needs and level of experience on eBay.

  • You can come to my home and see my set-up. We will work on my listings so you can see first hand how I sell on eBay.
  • Or, I can come to your home or business and provide the training - we'll list your items together.
  • We can also do both: Come over and I'll show you what I do and then we can go to your premises and list your items.

You'll get so many ideas from my experience and set up - you'll learn by doing! I'll show you my systems for managing inventory and accounting - and all my excel and word templates are included for you to keep in the training!

Here are my areas of expertise:


  • I can show you the very basics of getting started
  • We'll go at any pace you like so you can get your listings on eBay

Current Sellers


         From my own experience I can offer my systems and techniques to grow your sales

         Improve your listings

         Show you research methods to help you start your auctions to compete with others


  • I will help you set up your store on eBay
  • Show you how to use the marketing tools and promotion boxes
  • Give you suggested strategies to listing your items in your own eBay Store
  • Strategies on how to drive buyers to your store from your own auctions

Trading Assistants

  • We'll set up your TA Agreement from my template
  • I'll give you my templates for managing inventory, client statements
  • Procedures for simplifying your listings so your clients can know what is selling and not have to contact you all the time

Shipping & Storage

  • Come see my shipping center
  • How to stock supplies & inventory so they don't overtake your home
  • Tools and supplies for efficient shipping

TurboLister & Selling Manager Pro

  • How to set up and use so you can list faster and more efficiently
  • Procedures for invoicing, shipping and maintaining records
  • Templates to make it work for you

Contact me today - 714-921-9969     Rates are hourly - dates and times are at your convenience!